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posted Jul 20, 2011 22:52:47 by Kalledyret
1.Knife and shock only! (if you didnt know you should maybe try look for some other servers...)
2.When game starts USMC takes Hotel WITHOUT a fight! after its captured the fight is between Hotel and Square.
MEC Team dont pass the USMC Palm Tree, USMC Team dont pass MEC Lamp Post!
3.No bodycamping allowed! Bodycamping is when you kill one right after the player just got revived. If you do it by accident be sure to apologize so we know and the player know it wasnt forced or you might get kicked.
4.Commanders and Admins can be on the roofs, no other players can! Also no fights on roof! when admins are on roof we are looking over the field to be sure people are following rules. If one or both commanders arent admins they can be on roof, but if they are annoying us while we are trying to look over the battle we will kill and kick!
5.Admins got first right to take the commander spot, if an admin tell you to resign you listen to him and do it right away!
6.If you catch a player breaking rules, do NOT shoot him, if an admin see that you killed a player with a gun you can get kicked, so be kind to just report the player to the admins!
7.You can idle on the server as long its not almost full. when the server is full we will kick players who idle, ALSO commanders! notice that you might can get kicked for making room for an member.
8.When there is 20 seconds left of the game ALL weapons is allowed! After some problems that player started shooting at 25-30 seconds we will kick all who kill before 20 seconds, even if its 21 seconds!
9.All cheap crossing will be notice and can get you kicked easy. for example quick crossing Lamp Post or Palm Tree to kill one without admin seeing it, normal players are also watching you!
10.Do not wear the AB tags without being official accepted! If your name seems unknown we will ask you to prove your admin rights if you cant you get kicked and if you rejoin you get an instant ban!

More Rules Can Still Come!

Info: Pool round is a special round we run when the server have less than 10-12 players online. We are doing 1vs1 match, the one who reach 10 kills first wins! The pool is located under Suburb.
1.Knife only in matchs, only use shock if both opponents agree.
2.When a match is running ONLY the fighters are in the pool, others get kicked after warnings!
3.No random killing! there is allways one who counts the points at the match and if he is killed there is a big chance that the count is lost.
4.Be medic! other kits is useless this round (also for normal knife rounds but you are free to choose at normal rounds)

A massenge to the people who got kicked and going back to complain please read this.
1.If you mean we kicked the wrong person you just tell us that and not raging about you was inocent.
2.Remember, its just a kick, you are not banned so be happy you can rejoin.
If you are trying to start a fight with an admin or complain about your kick you could get banned easy.
3.Admins want to fight to and do not want to use all the time talking crap with one who is mad about they got kicked. so please just accept the kick and try to improve following the admins words!

1.For member request READ AT HOME PAGE! If it stands we dont seek members we delete every request! If we reach multiply request from same user you can get banned if we dont seek members!
2.Childish behaviour will be warned and banned if it continue!
3.Post the topics in the RIGHT section! or else your topic wornt be taken care of and get deleted!
4.When you join the forum use the name you use to play on the server with (if you have 2 name just pick one of them)

Those are the rules for now! more rules may be added in the future!
if you got any question please ask here in the topic :)
NOTICE: Do ONLY ask questions about the rules! dont rite "i understand" or something random! only if you got a question about the rules!
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ChickenControl. said Jan 13, 2013 15:22:58
Where can i ask thinks about Admins?
Like how can i be admin?
And how much it cost ;-)!
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