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Improving your BF2

posted Sep 01, 2011 08:46:38 by Blitzcarnage
This link shows you how to fix your hitbox and set the punkbuster refresh rate higher which helps against lags.

These things are no cheats, just regular netsettings.
See ya, Blitz
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AzulBaronis said Sep 01, 2011 17:48:27
Hmmmmmmm.... very very very interesting the business with the ping. Ill try it right away.

But bf2 is known for its horrible hitbox... is there any place u can actually LEARN how the hitboxes work?
Blitzcarnage said Sep 01, 2011 22:39:54
Many points are similar to BF2.

But the problem is, even with correct hitboxes you get a lot of dust when your hitreg isn't good and there is no way to improve these.
See ya, Blitz
Blitzcarnage said Sep 23, 2011 22:22:34
You don't wanna see the BF2 background Videos anymore?
No Problem.

Smal tutorial taken from here:

"Disabling the Intro Movies

The introductory movies to BF2, although fun to watch the first couple of times, fast become quite annoying, adding to the startup times for the game, as well as the memory usage (the main movie is 135MB in size). To disable them permanently, I don't recommend deleting the movie files - this may cause problems with verification of client information on certain servers and/or with Punkbuster.

Instead, simply rename the relevant files in your \Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Movies\ directory to something else (e.g. rename the Intro.bik to Intro.backup). The files to rename are: Dice.bik, EA.bik, Intro.bik, Legal.bik and Welcome.bik. This will mean the intro movies are all skipped as BF2 starts to load. If you find the movies playing in the background of the Login screen and Settings screens annoying, you can also rename the menu.bik and menu_loggedin.bik to something else as well.

If you've also renamed/removed the menu.bik and menu_loggedin.bik movies, and don't want a dull grey background in the in-game menus, then download this small file (201KB), extract the contents and copy them to your \Movies directory. These small files show the BF2 logo in the background, and look much nicer. Thanks to EdisLeado for preparing these files.

Removing all the original movies from the game can save over 250MB of data being loaded up during the start of the game and being placed into memory - this will help smooth your gameplay particularly for those with less RAM. If for any reason you experience any problems with the game after renaming the movies, simply rename them back to their original names."

If you wanna use a picture for the background just use RAD Video Tools.
(Free download: )

And change your picture to a .bik file.
The only 2 files I got in my "movies" folder are: "menu.bik" and "menu_loggedin.bik" all the others are not important.
See ya, Blitz
AzulBaronis said Sep 24, 2011 06:54:53
bah, fuck renaming. Deleting is easier.

Check this

You can modify the M24 to fire M95 projectiles, so u can practice sniping pilots from choppers in SP :D
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