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Games from the past

posted Jan 06, 2012 20:23:16 by ArmedAndStoned
Here's a game I used to play when I was 9 years old in my local bowling alley :) anyone else played this game?
Puff Puff,Give!!!
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Blitzcarnage said Jan 07, 2012 00:42:36
Only game I ever played on a arcade machine was Virtua Fighter i think.

My first one was Zelda: Links Awakening, I'm still playing it on my Gameboy from '95 sometimes.
Best game ever made. :D
See ya, Blitz
ArmedAndStoned said Jan 07, 2012 18:21:31
I remember those games yeah classics :)
Puff Puff,Give!!!
AzulBaronis said Jan 09, 2012 21:37:43

I used to be pro in these. Still am. Im worlds n1 bf2 teabagger
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