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Bf3 accounts!

posted Jan 07, 2012 13:41:54 by Kalledyret
share your origin account here so we can play in the future!
My account is: DanzerzInc!
Please add me :)
The Danish Knife Legend :)
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ArmedAndStoned said Jan 07, 2012 18:20:36
Mine is ArmedNStoned I will try and add you but ive had problems adding friends on origin before, but we will see:)
Puff Puff,Give!!!
AzulBaronis said Jan 17, 2012 19:16:39
Mine is azulbaronis i played for 1 hour and 48 minutes and if someone wants my bf3 cd key im ready to give it away for free
Kalledyret said Jan 18, 2012 16:39:24
really? why azul?
and i think that if you had installed bf3 on your origin account you cant install it on another one :)
The Danish Knife Legend :)
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